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In your leisure and your labor throughout 2016,

By God's Grace.. enjoy, peace and happiness,

Stay both Contented and serene ! ! !

Message from John F. Miller, founder of ASI (Altrusitic Services Inc) and this website... www.asigrace.com

8/14/2018 News Up-date:

1) Almost 4 months ago - April 19 - was a serious wake-up call, when the tightness in my chest, (happening on and off for several weeks) I could always get rid of by taking a few deep breaths? This time wouldn't leave!

So at wife's insistance, Phyllis drove me to ER, where they immediately knew I was having a heart attack and rushed me by ambulance to the hospital! During an operation to save my life, (in which I was sedated) I found out soon after I came out of surgery...

They had placed 5 stints in my heart, which can cause blood clots, so now I must take blood thinners the rest of my life! I went in only on one medication, and came home (six days later) on 7 medications!!!

Which leads me to 2nd News Up-date...

2) Through soul searching process, (since 4/19) seeking God's will and purpose moving forward. Two things, (by prayer & help of wife) emerged as the focus of my attention...

> Writing: Not only the books I've had on my heart to write (from over 20 years in rehab ministry) to help people overcome various problems, and also to offer our writing, editing/formatting services mainly to ministries and note-worthy businesses and Christian authors as a Ghost Writer...

> Health & Nutrition: Having followed Dr. Joel Walach's amazing career for decades, as a specialist in nutritional science & proprietary protocols and formulas he's developed to cure most every American illness...

I've had an interest in the fine company (Youngevity) for many years that markets his products. So now (due to health issues) looked further into it and pleased to announce, wife & I have joined Youngevity as Health & Wellness consultants. Watch for more information on our website soon!

Hope 2018 is all you're hoping for so far?

Have you begun to see goals accomplished you set out to complete by this time? Speaking of... Be sure and see the great Christian movies that are already beginning to come to theaters!

In recent years, ones like WAR-ROOM, God's Not Dead, (1 & 2) those about heaven and other inspiring themes! All making hollywood sit up & take notice, as they've become so popular with movie goers nationwide! A welcome change for sure!

And coming at a time when our nation (and so many families) are in need of supernatural intervention, to bring us back to the deep faith and trust we once had in God, many are saying (and we agree)...

These kinds of refreshing 'family friendly' movies are helping bring families together and also back where we belong; daily on our knees as families & couples, in humble earnest prayer, interceeding for our country & loved ones...

Returning to a focus on a simple faith and dependance on God, to restore families & our nation to "In God We Trust" as the way of life, that once held this nation together in peace & harmony!

So pleased about the many prophetic declarations recently (& we agree) saying that it's not too late for America! Especially with new leadership!

For if God's people (and there's millions of us!) will humble ourselves, seek the Lord, (even in fasting & prayer) for God to heal our land!...

God can bring it to pass! Even as He's doing around the world, as the great "end-time in gathering harvest of souls" has begun to take place!

And it all starts with us as individuals!  Such as by doing the little things everyday that can make a difference in the family atmosphere at home and among our friends and family members! I.E...

> Taking the time (as we're trying to do more ourselves lately) to stay in touch, (tho' everyone's so busy!) even just to call and say "Hi.. how's things going? Anything we can be praying with you about?"

> Sending emails, (even old fashioned letters) nowadays such a surprize and rarity, it might have a powerful impact on the recipient!

> And for nearby friends and loved ones, arranging to eat with them. Maybe have them (or a couple) over for dinner, lunch or supper. Such times of fellowship are refreshing to the soul and renewing to the spirit!

> Eating out with my dear wife, (not just on special occassions) is both nourishment for body & strengthening of our relationship! A habit we started when we were first married.. Our "date-night" Friday evenings!

Friends, if we're too busy to stay in touch & maintain relationships? We are too busy! Who knows, when the very one you feel impressed to call, is the one who needs to hear from you at that moment! I.E...

A good friend, I'd become close to over the years since we met 15 years ago at a Sunday School Convention, (that I talked to by phone at least a time or two ea month) died in early November of 2016...

The tragedy is, he had become very depressed & withdrawn the last few weeks of his life, (which being a proud man, he kept from me) then late one evening, (a time we often talked together) I called him, only this time his wife answered; soon informing me that Bob had passed away!

I would later learn he had taken his own life! His wife was aware of his depression, but knowing Bob, he probably told her not to tell me, for he knew if I had known, I would have done everything I could to help him come out of his dispondency!...

Like going to see him, praying with him etc. So to learn he had taken his life, (though he was a believer) was painful for me indeed! To lose a good friend to suicide? First such tragic loss I'd ever experienced!

My point is... Cherish your friends, don't take any for granted! And see that you pay close attention to how they're doing! It's been almost 2 years we lost our friend Bob Townsley, and...

Can't help but feel guilty for not seeing it coming! It must have hit him fast, for him to take his own life, for we had been in touch by email only a few days before his death!

People, especially friends and loved ones, are placed in our lives, not to take for granted, or 'use for our pleasure & convenience', but to be there for them, (and hopefully them for us) when the world, (people & things we thought we could count on?) begin to unravel!

Unfortunately, Mutual love & respect between two friends or loved ones is seldom perfect. 

About the best we can hope for (even between a husband & wife?) is the man's strengths to offset wife's weaknesses & visa-versa, otherwise, like many couples, (learned from our 58+ years of marriage) since neither is capable of completely fulfilling the expectatons of the other?...

Unrealistic expectations, (especially in early years of marriage) can often lead to disappointments, frustration and arguments, resulting in a state of tension (or contention) ending in seperation or even divorce, unless differences, (with God's help, & sometimes counseling) are resolved in a Christ-like manner. 

We've found it to be true in our lives... Though we haven't always seen eye to eye? God helping us, we've made it through the tough times, as we've submitted our will to God's, and forgiven each other when we've had a disagreement, usually before bedtime, so we can sleep well and awake refreshed to face another day!

No matter where you're at, (in marriage or family relationships) you have a fresh chance (any time) to begin to change things! Simply determine (with God's help) to be the person our spouse (or friends and loved ones) wishes we were more like!

Most importantly, who God wants us to be and in His divine purpose, desires us to be, as part of His destiny for our life! A person with a "War-Room" (as in the movie) where we meet with the Lord daily to seek His face, His will, and intercede for friends, loved ones and our nation!


Now at age 78, I sometimes get a little discouraged, (as we all do at times) seeing time swiftly passing and plans and goals I've had to get certain things accomplished, (before my time on earth is done) are still not completed!

Such feelings I can't afford to give into or I'll be tempted, like many do, (older folks especially) to give up on the things I believe God still has for me to do, (for the sake of loved ones, the betternment of others and advancement of God's Kingdom) and say things like...

"Oh well, God know's I'm getting older, plus since my heart attack, guess I better just take it easy, after-all, I served my time in ministry, maybe it's time to let the next generation take over!"

Though they seem logical, (way the world thinks) however, though we're in the world, we're not to be part of the world, (in terms of our thinking) for "greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world!"

So I need to get back on track, practicing my songs and working on the books and other things the Lord has given me, to hopefully see them realized, to be a blessing to others before God calls me home!

Even this web site, (one of my goals) I originated December, 2014 and pray will be used as a way to bless others more & more, while I'm still alive, and continue on (perhaps by loved ones) long after I'm gone.

Friends, I said all that to say this...

What has God given & gifted you with?! That you need to begin using (if you haven't already?) to bless others on life's journey? Life is so short before we're called home, and none of us knows when that will be!

Still miss my friend Bob, my mom & dad, my brother (and recently loss of my dear sisters Mary & Ruth) and other loved ones gone on before!

> Someone said, we're either green & growing, or becoming ripe and rotten! God help us all to be determined, as we anticipate the coming of our Lord, to be up & doing, and green & growing!

Let's make the rest of 2018, (God helping us) to be a time we use our natural & developed gifts, talents & abilities to bless others, within the realm of our influence, whether our gifts and potential be small or great!

May we all be more Green & Growing, and you & yours, be all and more than you could ever imagine or hope to be!  Blessings...

Brother John...   chaplainmiller2003@yahoo.com 



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Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

Founders of ASI and asigrace.com