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Survey and Stories to Encourage You Today...  

I heard of a survey taken among a group of high school and college students. They asked them to answer one question, which was simply this… 

“What three things are most important to you in life and in what order?”

When the surveys were analyzed, they all pretty much boiled down to this..

> The first thing that was important to them? Was to feel loved and appreciated by their parents and siblings, as well as by their peers at school.

> The second was to be able to enjoy life and be happy.

> The third was to live a life of peace, where everyone pretty much gets along and there's as little conflict as possible.

What’s so significant? The fact the 3 things they said were most important and the order of prioity chosen? Just happen to be the first 3 fruits of the Spirit, which are..

Love, Joy and Peace.. proving God knows our needs and even the order in which we need them the most! Not surprising, since He made us!  So.. as our creator He certainly knows our needs!

A shortage of one or more of those “big 3” in one’s life, can effect us from childhood, and without being healed, often carry over to adulthood and lead to emotional problems.. predispositions that control & effect everyday life.

As Stephen Arterburn in his book 'Hand-me-down Genes and Second-hand Emotions' (dealing with how to overcome genetic and environmental pre- dispositions) says.. (my paraphrase) that emotional wounds unresolved, will continue to reproduce themselves in us & those we influence. 

In other words, the pain of the past, (unhealed) will continue to effect us and relationships with others, in some way or other. To illustrate, here’s a couple short stories...

First Story:

Many working class couples & their children, coming up in the 40’s and 50’s - post depression WW2 era, as we were raised in - commonly struggled to make it each day.. yet dealt with such adversity in very different ways . . .

Many handled things poorly.. some fought and argued, to where we could at times hear them fighting and shouting at each other several houses up the street.

The same holds true today.. whatever stress we’re under, individually or as a family, we handle well or not so well, based on our emotional reserves, our faith & reliance on God, the influence of others and resulting habits developed, starting in childhood.

Though my parents had little education - Dad with a farming background and mother a humble English scrub woman - their faith in God, love for each other and their 5 children, (of which I’m the youngest) enabled them to stay together and make it through every trial and difficulty that came their way.

 . . . A big part of what this website is all about, is this . . .

No matter how full (or not so full) your emotional reserves of the fruits of the Spirit, such as Love, Joy, Peace, Patience etc., may be - even from childhood - it’s never too late to find . . .

“The Place of Peace” where by God’s Grace (unmerited favor) every need - for Love, Joy, Peace, relationships, finances and more - is supplied!

Second story:

There were twin brothers, you may have heard of, who served in Vietnam at the same time; as I recall.. even in the same regiment. When their tour of duty ended and they returned home, one brother was able to adjust, go back to work and did just fine, while his twin brother? A different story…

He couldn’t adjust to his former civilian life. He became dysfunctional, unable to hold a job and was plagued by nightmares, all of which left him in an emotional quandary!

It begs the question? How could identical twin brothers be in the same war, yet respond so differently to things they experienced on the battlefield?

Being I’m married to an identical twin (over 50 years now) I can tell you two things for sure . . .

1) Most everything you’ve ever heard about twins is true. My wife Phyllis & her twin sister Faith, could be hundreds of miles apart and if either one was in pain, the other one would know it, often feel the same symptoms!

I met them in the late 50’s in Bible College. At first it was so hard to tell them apart, they were even able to trick me once, by Faith pretending to be Phyllis & starting out the door with me for a date, LOL, before fessing up to the truth!

2) Although like my wife & her sister, twins may look alike, talk alike, sound alike, even dress alike, (as Faith & Phyllis did) yet once you get to know them, you’ll discover subtle differences, mostly in their personality, for example . . .

I soon noticed that Phyllis was the quieter one, (which attracted me to her, over her talkative twin sister) so my point is this . . .

In the case of the twin brothers who served in Vietnam. The one who came home ‘emotionally unscathed’ from the battlefield, was probably outgoing, resilient, sanguine type personality, and/or one who learned how to turned his stress & problems over to the Lord. On the other hand . . .

His identical twin, perhaps a more introverted melancholy type, such as most artists & musicians tend to be.. Sensitive by nature, they tend to see everything more intensely.. happy days brighter, sad times darker than they really are! I know, for personality wise, I'm a 'meloncholy type' myself.

The good news is, no matter your disposition or personality, by God’s Grace you can overcome every problem, even past abuse, rejection, lack of Love, Joy & Peace you longed for etc., etc.!

Friend.. No matter what’s happened to you in the past.. Believe this.. Your journey to Peace and greater Love, Joy and satisfaction than you’ve possibly ever known, and your best days, are still ahead!

By placing your faith in Christ as Savior, & letting His Grace (all He accomplished for us on Calvary) begin to manifest in your life! Simply pray this prayer, to begin the powerful process of transformation...


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Start and end your day with devotions, (a time of prayer & Bible reading) in which you thank God for His many blessings, (His saving Grace and power you now have in your life!) asking Him to reveal Himself in His Word before you begin reading the scriptures.

Where to start:

Begin in the Gospel of John, the Psalms and Proverbs, then ask Him to lead and guide you each day, helping you to be sensitive to the needs of others you may meet, who are in need of the same power and relationship you have with the Lord! For more help...

Email us with your name & address, and we'll send you copies of the Overcomers Guide we wrote in 95, to help all believers live an overcoming abundant life in Christ!

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Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

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