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"Traveling on life's highway.. heartache & sorrow sometimes cause us

grief and strife.. Yet as we - take a little time - to talk with the Savior,

Through each trial He will give a song... Yes He gives a song!"

About Us: We're all about ministry & helping support urgent missions projects at home & abroad through the following products & services...

 1)  Our services - as Health & Wellness Consultants - featuring . . .

> "Youngevity" products, formulas and protocols of Dr. Joel Wallach to not just treat conditions; in many cases to completely . . .

> Cure your ailments, with nature intended - 90 Essential Nutrients - including 60 vital minerals, many all but depleted from the soils in which our crops are grown.

> Recommend you start - as we have - with 90-FOR-LIFE complete nutrition program, formulated by Dr. Wallach to fill voids in US diet, even with organic produce, though devoid of pesticides, also lacking, (like most crops) in many essential minerals!

Call us for free health evaluation by 'Youngevity Nutrition Specialist' (313) 492-6872.  


 2)  Guaranteed Writing services:

> Expert Writing, editing/formatting: From decades in marketing and ministry plus recent courses from AWAI/American Writers & Artists Inc. to further hone our skills . . .

A) > Writing new book from your original rough draft. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

B) > Expert editing/formatting of existing publication. “Call us before re-ordering any book. ASI 'scanning software’ brings each page into our writing program; eliminating need to retype text . . .

> We then add transforming edits and attention grabbing formats! Saving you big time, compared to the cost of complete publisher rewrite; not much different than the one they published for you the first time around. How we differ and guarantee you'll be thrilled!...

> Send us any book you’d like edited or re-formatted. We'll return sample pages, (before and after) so you'll know exactly what your book will look like. Approve project, agree on price and how soon you need it for the publisher? Then the fun begins for us both!

> We Guarantee: “End product will be most well written book you've ever published or you get a refund - or final invoice adjustment - relative to any issue or complaint.


  3) Pro-Studio Quality recordings at affordable rates . . .  "Your Music Deserves to be Heard" 11134 US Hwy 19 Suite 4, Port Richey, FL 34668   Call Michael.. (727) 326-3224  Or for 'Long-distance' recording service from home, visit . .  http://dreamlabstudio.webs.com/ 

> Inspirations forthcoming... Songs, Teachings & much more from 50+ years in ministry, over half in The Salvation Army (with wife) as Corps Officers and Chaplain in local rehab Centers. Also . . .

> Designer / Inventor.. Business consulting... Call John at... (313) 492-6872

You can be sure any products or services we offer or provide links to, have been carefully researched as to the quality and reliability of each.


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~  Note from ASI Founder... Creator & Manager of this website  ~

Brief Background: Raised by devout parents, who taught their 5 children, (of which I'm youngest) Judeo-Christian values, (taught from earliest childhood) is why we're dedicated to serve your entire needs for... Spirit, Soul & Body...

> Your Spirit.. Developed teachings during life-time, (church and Salvation Army service) so watch for encouraging stories, messages, articles, music and more, coming soon.

> Your Soul.. Much more than 'mind, will & emotions!' From indepth study and teaching, we've come to understand (and will be sharing insights) on 'Your Incredible Soul' that contains six interactive parts that 'operate seperately' yet very 'inter-connected' to each other!

> Your Body.. A long productive life requires a healthy body; scripture calls it 'The Temple of the Holy Spirit!' At this web site, (begun 12/4/14) we'll soon present health and nutrition data (life-time accumulations) on "Proven Helps & Effective Cures for Common diseases!  See 1) Health & Wellness Services.

Blessings on You & Yours Always, John F. Miller...     chaplainmiller2003@yahoo.com



~  Encouragements  ~

Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

Founders of ASI and asigrace.com






When the road ahead seems long?

The Lord He gives us a song!

A song in the darkest of night,

   Angelic hosts to make things bright!


Weary pilgrim, be of good cheer,

Lean on the Lord, for He is near!

When trials come and trouble you?

   The Lord will surely see you through!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~