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This page contains a special  "Scripture Memorization & Study Guide" we wrote in 1995 as part of Overcomers Guide for men in The Salvation Army Rehab centers in Detroit and Romulus, whom I was privileged to serve over 20 years as their Chaplain.

Read the introduction below, which explains the unique features of the guide, designed to help you in your Christian growth & much more..

8 Week, 100 Subject, Scripture Memorization & Study Guide

Dear visitor, (a visitor once, a friend for life!) we encourage you to make prayer & Bible study, a priority on your list of resolutions this New Years!

We've uploaded our Bible Study Guide here, for a convenient place to come each day, beginning this Monday (or any day you wish) to start your scripture study, using this "special undated 8 week study guide!"

The wonderful thing is... God has promised in Isaiah 55:11 that...

"So Shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, (Jer 29:11) and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

In other words, the many hours we've spent carefully selecting the 100 or more subjects, contained in this guide? Worth every minute, because . . .

It's thrilling to know, based on the promise in Isaiah, as you read, believe, study, and memorize these powerful verses, (like a lamp unto your feet & a light unto your path.. Psa 119:105) here's what you can expect...

They will (combined with your faith & our agreement, Matt 18:19) be effective in bringing changes (in line with God's Word), you've been desiring, for you and your loved ones, no matter how long you've been waiting!


You'll also be pleased to know, as part of the research effort we put into the creation of this guide, (to God be all the glory!) we SAVED certain subjects and related scripture verses, for specific days of the week. For example...

Statistics tell us, that late Sunday & early Monday morning are the hours of the most suicides (or attempts) due to so many people dreading (or unable to face) mondays, the return to the grind of either school, (where they're perhaps bullied or not accepted by their peers) or dreading (like millions) having to return to a dead-end job they hate, but must continue with, to pay the bills. Also . . .

Wednesday (hump-day) many want to get past, so see the weekend in view, (What they live for) to relieve their dreary lives once again! 

Speaking of which, the weekend (Friday pay-day, Sat/Sun play-time) are often the times of greatest temptation, when too much of the paycheck is spent on the party life/drugs and alcohol, to help block out the pain of their lives! And so...

On Mon & Wed, subjects & verses of our guide, have been chosen to provide as much encouragement as possible. While Fridays & Saturdays, ones that help boost resolve to face temptations and overcome life's challenges, not on their own strength, (feeble at best) but through faith in God's Grace & His Word!

Below each weeks Study Guide, we hope to soon add a short commentary, to add insite to your Bible studies, along with stories that relate to the subjects to help you see the power of the Word in Action!.


Dear Friend, we pray as you begin this exciting journey, deeper into the Word and times of prayer and communion with God, you will find the purpose and destiny God has for you, since time began!








~  Encouragements  ~

Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

Founders of ASI and asigrace.com






Dear Friend & Bible Student,

I recall Billy Graham saying, in one of his Crusade sermons... "The Word will keep you from the world or the World will keep you from the Word!

On this thresh-hold of a New Year, a time when people make resolutions and set goals of all kinds, such as...

> For the body.. to lose weight, get in better shape & attend to health issues.

> The Soul realm, mind and emotions; attention to intelectual interests, hobbies, movies etc.

Unfortunately too many folks neglect the most important sourse of power we need to succeed!...

> Our Spiritual needs. Obviously you are not one of them, (& I congratulate you!) otherwise you'd not be here on this Bible Study page!

"This scripture study, (we wrote for new believers, seasoned Saints and everyone between) we pray will be a continued sourse of renewal, as you read & memorize these classic verses, each written out to read and absorb.