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What great memories we have... of growing up in Canada!! Though times were hard in those days, the good Lord and the faith of our parents brought us thru every test & trial ! 

From: John Miller…

It was my privilege (with my 3 sisters & older brother) to be raised in a humble home, in Brantford Ontario by loving and devout Christian Parents, during the WW2 / post depression era of the 1940’s and 50’s.

In a small home, sinilar to one below, (of thousands built by Canadian Gov’t to provide housing for families of factory workers in 30’s & 40”s) lived the Fred & Beatrice Miller family, (original owners) who moved here in 1942, with 5 children, (of which I’m youngest) like so many other families, to be close to the nearby factory, where Dad was able to get work. Counting the roomers, at times we had 8 or 9 people living in the house, (as small as this one) yet it was a place filled with great joy, deep devotion to the Lord, & much love for each other!

Faithful church goers, whenever the doors were open, the Millers were there. Plus, our folks, (with their great heart of compassion for the poor and minority groups) often took us to do special music & ministry for Gus Porter, the Pastor at the Six Nations Indian Reservation, near where we lived in Brantford.

What great memories of our meetings, (& fellowship after) with the humble Indian folk on the reservation, who often fed us and always made us feel welcome! We also liked to visit the Mokawk Memorial Chapel, not far from our home. 

Mother was a humble English scrub-woman. She cleaned homes, kept boarders, took in other folks ironings and washings, to help make ends meet. Mother was also a great cook and host!

There was always room for one or two more at the dinner table, a time when friends and loved ones (cravin' ma’s cookin' & Miller family fellowship) seemed to show up the most. And yet mother never seemed to mind! Mom was known to be able to stretch a chicken, further than anyone our guests had ever met before!

Comparing memories after we all grew up, though we realized we were fairly poor, (even by the standards of the time) not one of us ever felt poor or deprived as kids, thanks to how well our parents took care of us! 

Holidays and birthdays were made very special. Above all, there was much love in our home.. for God, each other, friends, loved ones and for the less fortunate, so well taught and exemplified by mom and dad, that everyday was a celebration of life!

Though not having much of material things, we had what counts! The good Lord, each other, friends and loved ones and that was more than enough! Dad and Mom have passed, (1953 & 1988) yet what a rich spiritual heritage they left to all of us!   


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Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

Founders of ASI and asigrace.com






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