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1) First hand report of service we attended. Wow, what a meeting...

2) Twenty four of Gordon's most popular songs, plus his up-dated Bio...  


First hand report of healings . . .


Special Meeting at Open Arms Church, Livonia Michigan, 6/26/2011

With Gordon Jensen, Prophetic Healing Evangelist

~  Renowned Gospel Singer/Song Writer  ~

By: Chaplain John F. Miller

What a meeting!  This is a report on a service my wife and I were privileged to attend!

Introduction:  Gordon is best known for the hundreds of Gospel songs he's written, performed and recorded by most of the well-known artists in Christian music. His signature song, "Redemption Draweth Nigh" [he wrote in 1969] has been translated into many languages, giving it international recognition and message in these end times that makes it more relevant with each passing day!

“Witnessing first hand, the miraculous healing power of God, was a life changing experience we'll never forget, which is why [to God be all the Glory] I felt compelled to write this report.”

It's one thing to hear about miracles, like testimonies we've become accustomed to on Christian TV, yet quite another to witness them first hand for yourself!  Try and put yourself in our shoes . . .

Just imagine how we felt, in the midst of many miracles taking place all around us, my wife whispers in my ear, [holding up & revolving her right ankle that's been causing her pain for a long time] and says...

"Honey it's gone! There's no more pain in my ankle!  I've been healed!"

And now, from the beginning . . . When we drove up to the meeting, we had to use the over-flow parking lot, as the main one was full. This was the biggest crowd we'd ever seen at this church!

The meeting started with beautiful worship music, played and led by our long-time friend, [Abe Fazzini, an exceptional key-boardist - also friend of Gordon’s - we’ve known since the 60’s] then, with very little fanfare, the Evangelist was introduced.

After a cordial greeting to all, including many old friends, Gordon sang a few of his best known and loved songs with CD back-up, which we all enjoyed very much. After a break, he finished his musical repertoire at the keyboard before his message. In his introductory remarks…

He started out telling how in the late 80's/early 90’s he became dissatisfied with "Church as usual" and began to seek the Lord for more. More of God’s presence in the meetings. More than people coming to be entertained.

He spoke of a ‘pivital impartation of The Holy Spirit’ he received in 1995 after which, he went through a two year process that completely changed his ministry! Starting in 1996, he began to hear words from the Lord, with specific instructions of things He wanted to accomplish in each meeting.

As he's been obedient to speak what the Lord gives him, (names of people and ailments God has him call out) he's seen many thousands of people healed and delivered from all manner of bondage, sickness and disease!

He then gave details of some of the many miracles he's witnessed in his meetings (since it all began with the first miracle in August of 96) in so many places around the world.  Here's one of the first he shared . . .

> In one of several meetings he held in South Africa a few years back, in a large church in Port Elizabeth. Following the prayer of agreement, [after he called out names & illnesses God gave him] he’s on the platform while the musicians are playing, and all of a sudden . . .

A young teenaged boy began to run and dance wildly all over the stage. He asked one of the ministers why the young man was acting this way?

Above the band music, the minister shouted.. “He had no hip,... He had no hip!” Turns out he was born with one hip deformed so that the ball could never properly connect with the socket, [making it extremely difficult to walk] and had just received a creative miracle . . .

“A brand new hip!” so no wonder he went wild.. for suddenly he was able to run and dance for the first time in his life!

Another amazing testimony Gordon shared was a double miracle!..

> One name God gave Gordon, [for a meeting in Scranton, PA] was ‘Betty Jean’. She was in the meeting, came forward when he called her name and told how she’d suffered severe heart damage from an infection. Doctors said if she didn’t have a heart transplant soon, [on waiting list] she would die, and yet...

Betty Jean seemed more concerned for her daughter, who lived across town and had just been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Gordon prayed [in agreement with the congregation] for Betty Jean and her daughter.

Right after the service, the miracles began!  Betty got home late from the meeting that night, and immediately walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

When she got to the top of the stairs, she realized she wasn’t winded, like she always became when she climbed the stairs. So she went back down and up the stairs again...

She still wasn’t winded, so she went up and down the stairs several more times, with the same result! Realizing she’d been healed and . . . 

Feeling more energy than she had in five years, Betty Jean got so excited that she decided to clean her house right then, something she’d been unable to do for a long time because of her heart condition.

The only problem? Running the vacuum cleaner woke up her husband, who right away demanded to know what on earth she was doing! For he was sure her heart would give out!

She told him, “I’m fine.. I’ve never felt better in my life!”  It was obvious to Betty Jean, and soon to everyone else, that she had indeed received a creative miracle.. “A brand-new heart!” 

When she went back to the doctor and insisted on being re-examined, the doctor came out after a while, apologizing and said.. “Betty Jean, we’ve really missed it with you, you don’t need a heart transplant at all, your heart is just fine, you have the heart of a young woman!” 

> Not only did she get her own miracle, her daughter was healed too, not having even been in the service!  Pap-smears revealed she was cancer free!

Eleven years later she testified that her daughter was still cancer-free, and she herself, after a recent physical was told again, “You have the heart of a young woman”!

Now to the miracles in the service we’re reporting on, of which we’d estimate, [from those lined up to testify of what God had done for them] there were at least 12 or 15 more, in addition to Phyllis’ ankle being healed.  Here are just a few of them . . .

> An elderly lady, when Gordon asked her what had happened, joyously held both hands high above her head for everyone to see, while repeatedly opening and closing them.

She told how she’s had such bad arthritis she couldn’t even open her thumbs, plus had carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, and now [as she demonstrated] she could open her hands with no problem and no more carpal tunnel pain!  

> A man declared, as he stomped his left foot on the floor, that he came into the meeting [as we all noticed & loved ones confirmed] with such a bad left foot and leg, he could hardly walk.

Suddenly he felt power surge through it and he was instantly healed. Gordon asked him to walk quickly to the back of the auditorium and back, which he did almost at a running pace, with absolutely no pain or hesitation!

> Another gentleman told how he’d suffered with a condition for over a year that made it very difficult for him to breathe. After the prayer of agreement his lungs opened up and he could breathe easily!

> A minister’s wife said how she’d been suffering with depression for some time, felt it lift and let her go!

> A couple, (long time friends of the Pastor) brought their son who had seriously injured his shoulder a few months earlier. After trying various treatments, he had been unable to find relief from the terrible pain he was suffering. Praise God, he received a complete and total healing in the service that night!   

As more and more testimonies were shared, the atmosphere became charged with the healing power and presence of the Lord, as we witnessed the Great Physician touch so many that evening in Spirit, soul and body!

December 2014 up-date:

Since that first meeting, (and above report) we’ve attended many of Gordon’s meetings, including 3 services we scheduled for him this past May here in Michigan. Having now witnessed a hundred or more miracles in the 7 or 8 meetings we've been privileged to attend?! As a result, it has not only been personally transformational . . .

We received a mandate from the Lord, (both a Blessing and privilege) to serve and support Gordon’s powerfully anointed ministry in any way we're needed. This led earlier this year, to us becaming his Ministry Associate & Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator.

Having known Gordon, (also his parents and siblings) since the 60’s and watched him be faithful to the ministry and call of God on his life these many years, without hesitation we most highly recommend him to your church or fellowship. I know your people will be greatly blessed, and will thank you for having Gordon come.

Call or email us to schedule.. “Prophetic Healing/Music Ministry of Gordon Jensen”

in your church or area. See Gordon’s Popular Songs and Bio below...

Contact John Miller.. (313) 492-6872 or by email.. chaplainmiller2003@yahoo.com



Gordon's Popular Songs & Bio . . .

~   Popular Songs of Gordon Jensen  ~

     Below are 24 popular favorites of the more than 300 songs Gordon has written…

1. A Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing       13. Jesus Will Outshine Them All

2. Back In My Jonah Days                14. Leave A Well In The Valley

3. Bring Back The New Again             15. I'm Listening Lord 

4. Bigger Than Any Mountain             16. Redemption Draweth Nigh

5. Casting Our Crowns At His Feet       17. Tears Are A Language

6. Come Into The Ark                    18. There’s Enough Of God’s Love

7. Forever is A Long, Long Time         19. Tuesdays And Thursdays

8. Grace Upon Grace                     20. We’re Together Again

9. He's As Close as the Mention of His Name     21. Whisper Jesus

10. I Should Have Been Crucified        22. Written In Red

11. I’ll Glory In The Cross             23. Sunrise

12. It Made News In Heaven              24. You're The Only Jesus


We’ve known Gordon and his parents since he was a teenager. We first met the Jensen’s in Detroit Michigan at Brightmoor Tabernacle in the mid to late 60’s. Even back then, Gordon’s keyboard, vocal and song writing talents were evident and used considerably. 

As the Word says, “A man’s gift will make room for him” which proved true for Gordon . . .

At 16, there came an invitation (he accepted) to join the Orrell Trio. Destined to become a well-known Gospel Group, they soon recorded several albums, with many or all of the songs written by Gordon. Some (such as signature title “Redemption Draweth Nigh”) were written when he was only 18.

Translated into over 15 languages his songs have been recorded by such artists as Cynthia Clawson, The Imperials, Dallas Holm, The Cathedrals, Janet Paschal, Rusty Goodman, The Booth Brothers, Squire Parsons, Roy Acuff, and names like Gaither, The Winans, Oak Ridge Boys and a host of others.

Traveling for five years with the Orrells, (until disbanded in 1972) it was later re-formed as Gordon Jensen & Sunrise. His ten years with these two groups provided a platform and expression for Gordon’s songwriting, resulting in eight albums for the Zondervan and Benson Company labels.

Launching his solo ministry in 1979, he recorded two albums of original songs for Impact Records, followed by 2 more on Word's DaySpring label, all 4 produced by Neal Joseph. Next recording project, with Word-Song, utilized talents of Toto alumnus David Hungate. 

Throughout the 1990's, he released 3 albums on the 'One Story' record label, all produced by Garrett Hestla. 

Gordon’s release, “I'm Listening Lord” is a ten-song collection of recently written material, produced by J. D. Miller, a stellar musician who has worked with some of the most well known names in both secular and gospel music. J.D. also produced the album "Inherit The Sky" and Gordon's newest CD "It's Still Real."

The Miracles Begin:

After decades as a Musical Evangelist, Gordon began to hunger for more... More than entertaining people with his songs... More of God’s power and presence in each service!  God was stirring something in his soul!

Having been raised by devout parent who believed in and witnessed miracles, plus a recipient himself of a healing at 14 of serious respiratory illnesses he suffered from childhood, it’s no wonder in the early 90’s...

Gordon began earnestly seeking the Lord for His power and presence to be manifest in his meetings. Confirmed it was coming, (by a prophecy in June of 96) within a few weeks it all began…

 In Aug of 96 as Gordon was about to be introduced at a meeting in Memphis, (a year to the weekend of a supernatural impartation he had received) he was given a Day Vision of a miracle he strongly believed the Lord wanted to manifest in the service, providing - as Gordon sensed - he would be bold enough to speak it forth in the meeting, which he did.

As a result, a young lady came forward and her unborn baby was healed of brain tumors; soon confirmed by amazed doctors who re-examined her, discovering the baby no longer had them. Four months later she gave birth to a perfectly normal child !

Since then, in Gordon’s meetings he still sings his well-loved songs, shares testimonies of miracles he’s witnessed, then speaks forth peoples names and ailments the Lord gives him for each service and “prays a simple prayer” . . .

In agreement with the audience, (based on Matthew 18:19) after which he asks those who are aware of any changes in their body, improvements in functionality etc., to come forward and give testimony of what God has done for them. 

Following that first healing in 96, Gordon and those in attendance have witnessed many thousands of miracles; to God be all the Glory!

“His friends since he began in ministry, we’ve watched him be faithful all these years to God’s calling, so without hesitation we recommend him to your church. Your people will thank you! We know this from personally being in his meetings.” . . .

In one service alone, we witnessed a dozen+ miracles, including a man who struggled into the church on a walker, completely healed; ran the aisles!

A lady with arthritic crippled hands, able to open them straight and wide! My wife (seated right beside me) with a long time ankle condition, instantly healed and able to stand on her foot without any pain, and is pain free to this day!

Call us to schedule..  The Prophetic Healing & Music Ministry of Gordon Jensen

Blessings . . John F. Miller / Coordinator..  chaplainmiller2003@yahoo.com   (313) 492-6872



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Friend.. we want you to be inspired and blest! Why we feature helps, including an 8 week Bible Study and scripture memory guide, with plans to add stories of those who have overcome adversities of life..

Even some who have experienced miracles, to inspire faith for your own miracles. Believe & receive!

Blessings.. John & Phyllis Miller

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